AAIC 2018 | Tau ligands and the future of Tau PET imaging

Elizabeth Mormino

There are a large variety of Tau ligands available for Tau PET imaging, with new agents frequently being released. Elizabeth Mormino, PhD, of Stanford University, Stanford, CA, discussed these ligands at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2018, held in Chicago, IL, highlighting important areas for future research in this field. She highlights the importance of establishing longitudinal studies with Tau ligands in order to understand their behavior long-term. This would allow for the most effective ligands to be identified: something that would be invaluable in long-term clinical trials. Finally, Dr Mormino discusses her own research aims with Tau PET imaging, and her hopes for identifying early Tau signals in pre-symptomatic patients to illuminate disease progression patterns.

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